Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 Films that Will Make You Want to Work Out

Troy films that will make you want to work out

5. Troy

At the beginning of the movie when Brad Pitt did a jumping superman stab in the biggest-guy-ever's trap, every man watching knew that Troy was going to be epic.  Mr. Pitt had to start training intensely six months out, eating four high protein/low carb meals a day.  Each workout would last up to three hours, which didn't include his regular sword training.  And let's not forget about everyone else in the film who was in amazing shape.  "There are no pacts between lions and men."

Rocky films that will make you want to work out

4. Rocky

The running scene montage where Rocky ends up at the top of the stairs is one of the most inspirational workout scenes of all time.  It also might be the first movie where you saw the illustrious one-armed push up.  Any Rocky movie really should get you geared up to hit the gym old school style.  Whether you're motivated by Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago or Rocky Balboa himself, you're gonna wanna put on some sweats and get to work.  "You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!"
Predator films that will make you want to work out

3. Predator

Everybody in this movie is huge.  It's already widely known that Arnold is the best bodybuilder of all time so that alone might have had this movie make the list.  When Carl Weathers and Arnold Schwarzenegger shook hands, I thought I heard thunder.  The only handshake manlier than that is the Greek warrior/Mortal Kombat forearm shake.  And how epic was that bow and arrow?  "If it bleeds, we can kill it..."

Fight Club films that will make you want to work out

2. Fight Club

This movie, perhaps more than any other film in history, has inspired men around the world to get back in shape.  Forget that Brad Pitt has one of the most sought after physiques and that Fight Club is generally in every guy's top ten films list.  Don't lie; you wanted to start your own fight club the moment the credits rolled.  Then you got punched in the face and realized it might not be such a good idea.  You still wanted abs though.  Surprisingly, Brad only weighed in at about 155lbs.  However, because his bodyfat was so low (5-6%) he looked much larger.  Get your diet right and that'll do more than all the gym time in the world.  "You can swallow a pint of blood before you get sick."

300 films that will make you want to work out

1. 300

The most savagely manly movie of all time has to take the number one spot.  The builds in this movie were so ridiculous that the infamous 300 workout became one of the most popular workouts around (and easily the most popular on the Men's Health site).  Try it for yourself if you dare.  It's much harder than it sounds and it sounds hard.  The premise is epic and every line in this film reaks with manliness.  Don't say you've never quoted from 300.  Gerard Butler trained so hard for his role as King Leonidas for four months that by the end of the film Butler said, "... I was standing there feeling like a lion."  At 6'2", Gerard was perfect for the role, but that wasn't enough for director Zack Snyder.  Everyone had to be huge... and everyone was.  Watch the movie tonight and you'll rememeber why more than any other film, 300 made you want to work out.  "Spartans!  Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... for tonight, we dine in hell!"

Only the Mighty...


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