Thursday, May 13, 2010

JIsaiahE - Planche Push-ups

Planche push-ups are one of the most difficult bodyweight excercises out there and this guy makes them look only pretty difficult.  He calls himself JIsaiahE on Youtube and this video has almost a million hits.  He's doing the 'wrist forward' version of the move.  Some people perform planches with the fingertips pointing to the sides or backwards to alleviate wrist pain until they build up flexibility.

Because this excercise is so difficult and so few people do it, it's often hard to find progressions to work up to it.  Luckily, in my constant search for all things bodyweight, I've graced what may very well be the best set of progressions out there.  This article on is from the legendary gymnastics instructor Christopher "Coach" Sommer.  He also goes over the front lever so this is a must read.

Only the Mighty...

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