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Exclusive - Jim Bathurst Interview

Jim Bathurst only the mighty interview

Jim Bathurst is the creator of the wildly popular and a renowned personal trainer based out of the Washington D.C. area.  With a CSCS from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Jim has been training clients, offering seminars all over the country, and creating unique bodyweight strength, gymnastics, and acrobatics tutorials for years.  I got a hold of him for this exclusive interview on Only the Mighty to ask him a few questions about himself, and fitness in general.

I understand you've recently won the City Paper 2010 Reader's Choice for "Best Personal Trainer" in Washington D.C. How does that feel?

I feel very honored to have won that award, and very grateful that enough people voted for me. I posted the voting link up on my website, so I am incredibly grateful for my fan base that took the time to help me win.

Jim Bathurst's first Men's Health Competition Submission

You've also won the Men's Health "How Fit Are You Contest" grand prize twice. What was your mindset going into that competition?

First, I'll also mention that my site visitors most likely also helped me win that contest as well. This doesn't mean that I don't deserve the award, but just that their voting and support assured my win. In terms of the mindset, I just wanted to showcase several skills in rapid succession that I've been working on. As for the video where I'm on the basketball court, I figured a bit of bravado at the end couldn't hurt.

Is there a particular movement you've been progressing towards, or a movement that has given you more trouble than you expected in the past?

Yes, the iron cross. When I've worked up to it in the past, it's been at the cost of my shoulders and elbows. It's a hard move, especially as you get heavier/taller. I've learned to keep up with soft tissue work on my forearms and upper arms to keep the elbows healthy, and the great need to press and keep my shoulders down in socket as my arms pull away from my body. I haven't worked the skill for quite some time.

Jim Bathurst's second Men's Health Competition Submission

If there's one piece of underused equipment you'd recommend to everyone, what would it be?

The barbell. Lift it. Press it. Squat with it. I run a site on bodyweight strength and skills, but you better believe I'm lifting barbells alongside my gymnastic work.

There's a common misconception that bodyweight training is only to be done for high reps. Many instantly think of bodyweight training as being able to quickly crank out 100 push-ups. What would you say to those who don't see bodyweight training as a beneficial way to build strength?

Take anyone who thinks that and have them do high rep, full range handstand pushups. They'll quickly leave you alone. Can bodyweight training build strength? Absolutely. Is it the best way? Depends on the exercise. Go heavy on the basic barbell lifts and combine them with difficult bodyweight exercises, and you've built yourself a monster.

Jim Bathurst performing 15 ring handstand push-ups

Fitness wise, who do you look up to?

Hmm... interesting question. I admire and appreciate tons of different people and the strength they've achieved. From friends and colleagues, to current O-lifters, powerlifters, and strongmen, to oldtime strongmen and their outrageous feats of strength, to b-boys and the incredibly bodyweight balance, strength, and control they have.

What does the future hold for Jim Bathurst?

I want to continue to grow the site and offer more content for visitors. I want to continue to tour and give seminars, as meeting and talking with people outside my space is awesome. I want to continue to grow professionally. And I want to continue to get stronger and test myself.

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