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Since the beginning of our existence, mankind has been intrigued by the seemingly impossible physical feats some of us are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of.  It perturbed me that all of these feats could not be found in one place online.  Well no longer.  From the heaviest olympic lifts, to the fastest sprints, to the most phenomenal gymnastics maneuvers you've never seen, you can find it all on Only the Mighty.


If you have a video or photo you'd like to submit to Only the Mighty, send an email with a link to the video on any embedable hosting site (i.e. Youtube, Vimeo), or the photo as an attachment to lionelaton@yahoo.com with the subject line 'Only the Mighty Submission'.  In order to make a submission, you must own the rights to the media you're sending.  Sending material copywritten by someone else is no bueno.  Make sure to include your name, the performer's name, and any other descriptive information about the feat in the email.  Decent quality is appreciated but not necessarily required.


The search bar at the top of the sidebar can be used to find specific posts throughout the site.  You can also click one of the labels beneath every post like Olympics or hand balancing to take you to all of the posts tagged with those labels.  The complete chronological archives can be found in the sidebar under 'The Scrolls of Might' categorized by month.


I make good practice in linking back to the originator (or site I found the media on) because I believe it's proper internet etiquette.  The links can be found within the body of the post itself.  If you'd like to use anything I've posted, feel free.  I encourage it.  A little link back to me somewhere in the post would be sweet though.

The permalinks can be found in the title of my posts.  There is also a small button titled "permalink" under each post next to the time the post was published.  This will allow you to link back to direct posts and articles.

Music Player:

At the top of the sidebar you will find a pretty sweet Soundcloud or Bandcamp music player. It will usually feature my newest musical releases for your listening pleasure. You can download my mixtapes for free by clicking the download button. It will send you to my Soundcloud/Bandcamp page with very simple instructions.

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If you have any further questions, direct them to my email at lionelaton@yahoo.com to be answered. If I get enough, I'll make a FAQ page.

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